Monday, February 20, 2012

PSD Tuts+ has something for all skill levels...

As a web designer\developer its important to make sure all your skills are up to par. I use my Google reader to get RSS feeds sent to me from all the Tuts+ series of websites. Doing tutorials is a good way to learn new and practice old skills. I am currently in the ASP part of my course and that works the developing side of my skills. To work my design skills I do a tutorial at least once a month and PSD Tuts+ has something for all skill levels, free and otherwise. I recently completed a very nice leather background that I use on my website Took me about 20 mins, has high quality results and is another item I can add to the portfolio. Check out there is a lot of great tutorials for free or if you are more on the intermediate side there is premium ones that you need to sign up for a year.

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