Wednesday, January 25, 2012

where my arrow keys at?...

I recently got the Blackberry Playbook as a gift and love the thing. use it everyday. Whether its for homework, or just to cruise the internets, it is a very handy device. After using it for about two months now I have found that the biggest problem is that there is no arrow keys to bob and weave throughtout the text(not to mention I cant play flash games). Although this may not seem like the biggest problem, if you happen to blog or write emails, and make a mistake, theres 2 ways to solve the problem. One, you can delete up to that point, therefore having to re-write it, or you can use your finger and try to get inbetween the correct characters. Either way both a bit of a pain. I have seen on android cell phones that if you hold your finger on the screen a magnifying glass comes up and you can move until you are in the correct spot. in my mind that would be perfect. it would prevent you from having to change the keyboard options. just one suggestion!

Adam Schlitt

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