Friday, February 24, 2012

I Take it all back....

Recently I have written a blog on the Playbook having no arrow keys to get in between the characters of a word/string to edit or adjust the text. As of the release of the new Playbook operating system that has changed. You can now use your finger to slide along the text to get in between the desired characters with ease. So I take it all back....the Playbook also added a type of auto complete, where it shows possibilities above keyboard rather than just try to finish off the word for you. But I digress from my point. The Playbook has made it easier to write documents and emails, it keeps getting better and better...they also released 2 free games with it also. Racing and a first person shooter.... Come on back in March for another Schlitty blog...

Monday, February 20, 2012

PSD Tuts+ has something for all skill levels...

As a web designer\developer its important to make sure all your skills are up to par. I use my Google reader to get RSS feeds sent to me from all the Tuts+ series of websites. Doing tutorials is a good way to learn new and practice old skills. I am currently in the ASP part of my course and that works the developing side of my skills. To work my design skills I do a tutorial at least once a month and PSD Tuts+ has something for all skill levels, free and otherwise. I recently completed a very nice leather background that I use on my website Took me about 20 mins, has high quality results and is another item I can add to the portfolio. Check out there is a lot of great tutorials for free or if you are more on the intermediate side there is premium ones that you need to sign up for a year.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

where my arrow keys at?...

I recently got the Blackberry Playbook as a gift and love the thing. use it everyday. Whether its for homework, or just to cruise the internets, it is a very handy device. After using it for about two months now I have found that the biggest problem is that there is no arrow keys to bob and weave throughtout the text(not to mention I cant play flash games). Although this may not seem like the biggest problem, if you happen to blog or write emails, and make a mistake, theres 2 ways to solve the problem. One, you can delete up to that point, therefore having to re-write it, or you can use your finger and try to get inbetween the correct characters. Either way both a bit of a pain. I have seen on android cell phones that if you hold your finger on the screen a magnifying glass comes up and you can move until you are in the correct spot. in my mind that would be perfect. it would prevent you from having to change the keyboard options. just one suggestion!

Adam Schlitt

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Designing a iPod with Photoshop Tuts+

While doing an assignment for school I came upon a tutorial at that I found very simple to follow, with high quality results. It is well written and a good guide from start to end. After successfully completing this tutorial I searched through and found a few more to keep my design skills up while we are going through the coding and programming side of things. Here is the link:

 I wanted my end result to be a media player that had some of the functionality of an iPod(with the help of JavaScript). I definitely recommend checking out this sites tutorials and keeping those skills up to date.

Here was my end result. I didn't do the ear buds, mines just suppose to be the media player itself.

In the weeks to come I may add a tutorial-like blog about adding functionality in JavaScript.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The soundtrack to your life...

Happy, sad, relaxed or mad, and everything in between, it is said that there is a song for every possible mood that one can feel. I am a firm believer of this and have started a soundtrack of my own. With my collection being a couple thousand songs strong it can be quite a pain to find the right song, at the right time. But on the other hand keeping the original library intact is also important. It's when the files are on my mp3 player, that  it's divided into moods or however you'd like to do it. After all it is YOUR soundtrack.

My range of music has everything from the heaviest of Metal all the way to the soft sound of the story telling Folk/Roots music (there is a ton of others in between but i will focus on my go to music). Although Metal is depicted as being brutal and angry(which it definitely can be), it can also be beautiful. If you disagree your listening to the wrong bands. On top of that it can be stress relieving. Sometimes you need someone else to say the words you find/say. Folk music can help gain insight that comes with stories and experiences of the artist. So crack a beer and crank it up, because music helps to cleanse the soul!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Time Blogger

Come one, come all!
Short but sweet, and there will be more to come...